15 apps to help you write essays faster
Writing essays, reviews, essays, scientific articles, and other written works is an integral part of absolutely any educational program. In this article, we tried to choose the most useful applications that will help you write better and faster.
Coggle .
This is a free online service that allows you to visualize ideas, organize your thoughts and visualize them in the form of a mental map. This resource will be very useful and convenient for teamwork on a large project.
Coggle is a program for mind maps

Pros of
Coggle allows you to:

work on creating maps in real time, both individually and as a team;
automatically save changes and then view them in history mode;
upload various images from your computer desktop;
automatically create simple diagram chains, as well as to enter text notes or images outside of them;
exchange comments between users;
download pdf documents, and export and import to .mm.
Coggle is ideal for recording and structuring key points during a lecture, planning and developing various creative ideas, diagrams and charts.

The free version is suitable only for familiarization, because:

Does not contain all the functionality;
has a limit on the creation of diagrams - no more than three.
For a small fee you can buy an advanced version of Coggle, which will fully meet the requirements for both personal and business use.

Storyline Creator.
This is a multifunctional editor that allows you to create educational, interactive or game content as well as software simulations.
Storyline Creator is a feature-rich editor

Among the benefits of Storyline Creator are:
A simple, intuitive interface that is easy for anyone to understand;
contains a selection of templates, fonts, images that will help make your work more original and non-standard;
has new text editing features, thus allowing you to improve it by adjusting spacing, letter sizes, alignment, colors, and so on;
excellent for creating slides from scratch or using templates;
enables you to add objects, animations, and other various elements;
provides automatic material recovery in case of system failure;
allows you to create animation effects and apply them to various objects;
automatically corrects grammatical errors and makes corrections.
To work with this resource does not require special knowledge or skills, it can be mastered by absolutely anyone.

This is a very convenient service for taking notes and storing them. Notes can be a printed or handwritten text, a voice recording, part or all of a web page, a photo, and much more.
Evernote note taking and note taking service

EssayHave - Essay Writing Service


has a built-in organizer;
allows you to organize all notes into folders for easy organization and further search;
allows you to add video, audio, or photos to any note;
contains chat inside the application that allows you to share thoughts and ideas with others online;
provides synchronization between several devices - you can start writing on your laptop and continue on your smartphone or tablet;
allows you to place notes on the desktop or configure the display of reminder notifications.
This app is enough for a full-fledged everyday study and recreation.

This application is used by many writers. Among its merits, the following should be noted:

provides for the function of importing files with different extensions;
Has built-in tools for searching and organizing content;
The interface displays the table of contents, the main part of the written text, and various marks at the same time;
has a planning tool, a "whiteboard" for writing down ideas and important notes, as well as devices for complicated writing, a distraction mode, and other useful features.
Scrivener app for writing quality text
This app contains everything you need to write quality text. The program is very handy, multifunctional and unusually easy to use.

It's a new, more simplified alternative to Scrivener.
Novlr is a writing program.

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